Jazmin portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 24-30, 2016
  • Jazmin
  • Generation Green Central
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy/Rancheria Falls

What brought you here?

Well, for me it all started my sophomore year. One friend that already graduated got me into the club “Generation Green”. I have always had an interest for nature, and the experiences that this club exposed me to and intensified my interest for nature. Last year was my first time coming to the WildLink backpacking. Last year I was scared about going because I didn’t know or talk to any of the other students going. However, it resulted to be an amazing experience. This year my motivation for coming was that it is my last year in high school. Plus, I heard that the place we’re coming to is amazing and so far it has been amazing. Every moment I spend out here makes me fall in love more and more with the wild life!


-I notice dead trees. -I notice the path of the river -I notice rocks next to the river -I notice the sound of the birds -I notice the dead flowers (leaves) in the tree -I notice burned trees -I notice the leaves moving by the wind -I notice many bushes -I notice a big rock -I notice the moss -I notice leaves on the ground -I notice different tree sizes -I notice the sky moving -I notice pine trees

I Wonder:

-I wonder why there are holes in the trees, why are they different sizes, and what’s in them? -Why do some rocks have more moss than others? -Why and what ants are doing in the trees? -How flowers/plants grow out of the ground -How/why the tree fell? -Why there is different tree sizes -What causes the water to be more clear?

How do you plan to give back to the world?

I would like to give back to the world by educating the community. If we educate the community about the wilderness, then they will understand how to protect nature, understand its history, and feel more connected to nature. Most of the destruction is caused by people who are not conscientious. Therefore, we have to educate them in order to stop the destruction.

Topic: What would you like to get out of this expedition?

From this week that I spend in the wilderness I would like to get so many things out such as the inner peace and happiness. Being out here makes me believe there can be peace in the world. I can breathe the pureness. I can find myself here and forgive myself. In the future I would like to be a successful person, by that I mean accomplishing my goals of having a career and being a happy person. I would like to not judge myself and love the person I am because currently I don’t like who I am. That’s why I like to be out doors because no one can judge my out here and I can be myself. Also, I would like to camp by myself in the future and travel the world. I’m going to miss everyone!

jazmin with shelton

Ranger Shelton Johnson put his hat on Jazmin and it looks like a PERFECT fit! Will we see you back here in Yosemite again, this time as a park ranger?!


Crossing the Wapama Falls bridge with nothing but smiles!


These ladies led the group, kept up when the pace was fast, and always had big smiles on their faces!

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