Cycle of Programs

WildLink combines experiential learning, multicultural perspectives, interactive technology, stewardship and the outdoors to create extraordinary educational experiences for young people. Activities rooted in wild places and local communities build the foundation to make the outdoors an integral part of young people’s daily lives. For lasting impact WildLink offers a series of complementary programs to dissolve the barriers between marginalized youth and the outdoors.

Family Orientation Visits: Outreach to students and families to build enthusiasm and trust while reducing the perception of wild places as unsafe.

Wilderness Expeditions: On six-day backpacking expeditions, students learn about the natural world first-hand, challenge themselves, and gain an understanding and appreciation for wild places.

Wilderness Ambassador Program: Students develop and complete presentations and stewardship projects designed to incorporate what they’ve gained from their wilderness experiences into their local environments and communities.

WildLink Family Expedition: WildLink Alumni bring their families to Yosemite to share their WildLink expedition. This special weekend includes a family expedition.

Family Weekend: WildLink students bring their families to Yosemite for a weekend to hike, explore, and share the park with the people closest to them.

WildLink Career Connection: An intensive two-week program that explores the wide variety of career opportunities in the park and provides mentoring and internships for individuals interested in careers in natural resources and public lands.

WildLink is a proud partner of the National Park Service, National Forest Service, and Nature Bridge.