Alexis P. portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 24-30, 2016
  • Alexis P.
  • Generation Green Central
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy/Rancheria Falls

Reflections on why you came: Better question for me is what made me come back to the trip. I say this because last year I came to WildLink. One of my reasons for coming back is I enjoyed the first one so much I wanted more. Another reason is we came to a new spot not the same one from last year. And I want to know more stories of the dam that we are going to be seeing soon.

Observations: One thing we noticed today was an exciting feeling of seeing a bear for the first time out in the woods. Another thing I noticed today if we work together we can accomplish things fast. Example: today helping PJ with firerings. Another thing I noticed is the great view we are seeing by just coming out to Yosemite and enjoying this experience that lots of people can’t experience or don’t know.

“I wonder” I wonder on how these trees are burned. I wonder if it was a natural fire or if it was a controlled fire. I wonder if it was a natural thing, how did it start? I wonder if it was a controlled fire, why did they have to burn lots of trees?

Goals: some of my goals in the future: I would like to come back to Yosemite by myself and then further in the future I would like to come with friends and family. I got out of my trip is I learned how to make a campfire. Also learned how to clean a firering.

pj and alexis p

Posing on the Rancheria Falls bridge with Ranger PJ as she says goodbye to the group

mirror selfie

Selfies for DAYS!


The group created and fostered strong friendships with each other by helping one another every day. Here, Alexis P. helps a friend in need.

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