Carlos portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 24-30, 2016
  • Carlos
  • Generation Green Central
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy/Rancheria Falls

Why did you sign up for WildLink? I came to this camp in search for my inner me! In the city you are constantly bombarded by assignments and stress that is accumulated, but here in the wilderness you find who you really are, the spiritual side of you. You learn to appreciate what you have. You look at life from a 180 degree view. Getting rid of luxury is always amazing because you learn to live how people in the past may have lived.

“Luxury hinders mankind” –Thoreau

I recognized that once you begin to surround yourself with majestic scenes, that are just mesmerizing, that you are not the only living thing on earth. These mountains tell a new story each day. The waterfalls flow new water every day. There is nothing the same, everything is different, everything has a role. In cities you don’t realize how much you have or how much something is worth until you either have that taken away or you step in the shoes of people of the past.

I wonder: I wonder if the color differences between the Manzanita bush varies depending on the age difference.

How can you change the world? I can change the world by contributing to the world of preservation, such as connecting with NatureBridge and other companies to ensure preserving this mesmerizing place. Also, doing little things that make a difference so that more people could do good things and all put their grain of sand or piece of pie to make the world a better place


Carlos had already worked with Rangers on a stewardship project while on his last WildLink expedition. He offered insight and tips to the others for how to properly remove a fire ring and how important it is to look for those tiny pieces of trash often found in the ash.


Saying goodbye to Ranger PJ


It was nice to have some time for reflection and observation near Rancheria Falls on the first brisk morning in the wilderness.

WildLink is a proud partner of the National Park Service, National Forest Service, and Nature Bridge.