Gerardo portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 24-30, 2016
  • Gerardo
  • Generation Green Central
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy/Rancheria Falls

My name is Gerardo and the reason I am here is because of Gen. Green and I went last year and I enjoyed it so much last year that I want to go this year and the rest to come. What I really want to get out of this trip is a good relationship with everyone and I want to remember to always help someone


I saw the wonderful view of nature by looking at all the life that happens like the nice, tall and calm trees, the sight of insects like the ones that bite me and the bee's that fly by and the huge mountains.

I wonder:

I wonder how many people have the same experience we have had.

gerardo sitting

Taking in the perfect weather and scenery!

gerardo cleaning

Gerardo knew some tricks for cleaning ash scarred fire ring rocks. He spent a lot of time, rubbing the rocks clean so they once again looked natural. Thanks, Gerardo!

gerardo and pj

There's nothing better than sharing an adventure with a friend!

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