Froylan portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 24-30, 2016
  • Froylan
  • Generation Green Central
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy/Rancheria Falls

why did you come on this expedition?

What encouraged me to come back to the WildLink program was nature and the time getting away from the city and not having to worry about anything this whole week. Also, it’s so peaceful here unlike the city where it’s so noisy.

Observation and Wonder:

I notice the sounds of the water flowing through the river into a waterfall. I notice the birds singing in the trees. I notice the beauty around me and the peace and quite. I notice the snow up on the mountain top. I notice the beauty in this place. I notice the burned trees on the floor. I notice the clear skies. I wonder if the trees that burned grow back or get replaced. I wonder if it’s going to snow while we are here. I wonder if I’m going to see another bear.

What do you want to get out of this expedition?

What I want to get out of this trip is the memory of getting to know everybody. Also, the memory of the beautiful places we visited. My goal is pretty much to come back to Yosemite with new people to share this amazing experience

Science Experiment: statement: If there is a water source then trees will be more likely to grow together and if there isn't' a waster source they grow separately. Look at the water sources - pond and creek

method: study the trees and areas where they grow

Materials: Brains Hands Eyes

froylan with shades

Nice shades, dude!

froylan and estela
Froylan and sky

Checking out the views

froylan sitting

Taking a break from that heavy pack

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