Kathleen portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 23-28, 2012
  • Kathleen
  • Turlock and Pitman High Schools
  • Kings Canyon National Park: Paradise Valley and Castle Domes Meadow

Wilderness is where different kinds of animals live in nature.

I came here to discover new animals that I haven’t seen and the different kinds of plants and rocks and to see if I see a bear.

Kathleen Isidro Packing

First of all let me start by saying I have never felt like passing out like the day I had to lead 12 students threw 3.5 miles of steep going up stairs. It started of with me being in the back but then Ruth and John said it was my turn to be leader. it was actually better in the front but then the stairs going up it was so tiring I was literally dying but I had Dulce and Patty behind me making me laugh but then they got moved back so then I went back to dying but thank God that Judit was behind me. She was the best motivater. I wanted to go back to the back but she kept saying “come on you can do it. Just think of a happy place.” I wanted to take so many break but she was like you can do it. At one point I slip and hit my knee but only the four people behind me saw and I was surprice that all four people help me get up and ask me if I was okay. That’s when I realize everyone was willing to help out with everybody. At one point I hit rock bottom. I had to stop and I was about to go to the back when Judit was like you can finish this and I said alright and just a little more up steep hills and I made it to Paradise Valley. The felling that you get when you accomplish something and everyone telling me I was a great leader was freaking awesome.

Kathleen on Rocks

If this place had a voice it would probably tell us about how it first got started and how people from everywhere come to explore it and it would tell us how to take care of it better and where the animals live so we don’t have to be cautious of where we are. It would tell me where not to walk. It could tell me if there shortcuts where the toilets are. It would tell me so many things that I can’t even keep track and I would just lay back and listen.

Kathleen Sitting

I didn’t really face any challenges but one of the biggest challenges I faced was climing upward hills with those huge packs. I was dying so bad. But at some time this challenge was good for me. It made me really active although really tiring. Another thing was when they made me leader for a whike and I’m not the leader type so when I had to yell at my sweeper if he was ready it was really weird and when I had to keep looking back to see if there was a gap. But being a leader was really important cause I got to prove to myself that I could do it and the feeling you get when everyone telling you you did a good job and was an excellent leader.

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