Cassie portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 23-28, 2012
  • Cassie
  • Turlock and Pitman High Schools
  • Kings Canyon National Park: Paradise Valley and Castle Domes Meadow

Wilderness is a National Forest or a place where animals live.

I came here to discover what and how beautiful Kings Canyon is like.

Cassie Under Bridge

The King Canyons are telling me to be there friend and not hurt them our they hurt me. Also if I show nature some respect it give me some beautiful views, of what it had created. The trees sings a song, while the wind blows. The river flows with the dreams of being an ocean. The rocks love it when you sit on them. The meddow lets you sleep on its soft, flat land. Mainly this place is telling me to injoy what I see, feel, taste. On a long hike they inceorage you to keep moveing until you find a campground. This place tell and talks to me every day, on how it grows to become a national wilderness park. It even talks about how someone came and notice that this place need help to stay as beautiful as it is now. Nature is best to be left alone. With out it we wouldn’t know anything about the view or we would never get to discover a new place. That is what this place tells me. Also that it is hurting them every time a fire comes and destroyes their friend and family.

Cassie Journal

The challenge that I faced were going up the stairs. Because it’s tuff with a hurt leg, but I still made it. The important challenges were being patient, remain calm, and keep any eyes and ears open for any sign of bears or snakes on the trail.

Cassie Arms Open
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