Xochitl portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 23-28, 2012
  • Xochitl
  • Turlock and Pitman High Schools
  • Kings Canyon National Park: Paradise Valley and Castle Domes Meadow

The wilderness is where animals are free to roam, a place that has been untouched by man. It is a natural, wild place that man has the privilege to see.

Xochi Leading Pack

I came here to experience the wilderness, the natural creations on earth. I came here to discover a new outlook on life.

Xochi Dark Shot

To me the voice of our location at this moment is calling me home. I feel like this place, in nature, is where I belong. Whether it be the soft, gracefull wind, or the heat of the blinding sun it just feels right. All of the elements of this site already have a voice, and they use it to sing sweet melodies of pure bliss. Each thing here, separate would still be glorious but put together they make what feels like a safe haven. This place is a beauty shich few eyes have had the privilege to see. I do feel privileged and blessed, this has been my reward for that dreadfull climb, to hear the voice of nature. And I thank God for it.

Xochi Smiling Stick

On this trip I’ve faced many challenges: emotional and physical. Being away from my family is a challenge in itself, they are my backbone – my support and not having them with me has been tough, but I believe being off on my own for the first time has made me stronger. The constant hikes have been my biggest challenge, but also best accomplishment. I’m not one for exersize ever! And realizing that I am able to hike 25 miles in 4 days is amazing for me. The cold has also been a major obstacle, never in my life could I ever believe I could be so cold!

Xochi Smiling Backpack

Why challenges are important: In order to test ones spirit one must face obstacles. Obstacles are in our life constantly, and they are there so we can.

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