Rebekah portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 23-28, 2012
  • Rebekah
  • Turlock and Pitman High Schools
  • Kings Canyon National Park: Paradise Valley and Castle Domes Meadow

Wilderness is a forest full of animals and trees.

I came here to discover my future in life.

Rebekah Whistle

If this place had a voice, I believe it would say explore me but don’t destroy me and listen to I’s whisper not ignore it, because this place wants us to know that it is alive not some piles of trees, mountains, or rocks but a living thing, that grows everyday. This place is begging us to open our eyes to its beauty, but this place is also aware that some of us won’t and that is why the wind is screaming for those few people to look.

Rebekah Jose River

The challenge I face was being alone and having no one to walk with. Challenges are important because it helps you learn and be ready for new things.

Rebekah Hair in River

I understand now why peole in the past found the forests such a beautiful dangerous places. When your out here alone at night it feels like the trees are alive reaching out for you and trying to grasp you in their claws but if you take the time and open your eyes, you can tell that the trees were just dancing with the wind. And that is what we need to do. Open our eyes and realize it is not a dangerous place, but a place that is just like us. A place that fights to stay alive each day to to be heard…just like us.

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