Tristian portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 10-15, 2007
  • Tristian
  • SEKI: Turlock
  • Sequoia Kings Canyon N.P.

Although my feet struck the trail, my mind did not. It wandered about, daydreaming of living in these magnificent woods. While walking, I even tried to walk as quickly as possible so as not to disturb such a fantastic setting, afraid to tint and corrupt it by simply being there. I feared being a blemish to the wondrous sights and sounds.

I am
I am the foundation of the Earth, standing proud among air and clouds
I see everything; the earth and sky as only I can know
I hear chirps and growls, beasts and clouds, prowling along my breast
I smell the early pines in the season's prime
I taste the morning air and soft clouds
I feel the rivers coursing as my veins, wind blowing through my trees, soft
paws and boots traversing my terrain
I know the hardships I've caused, but regret none, for I know the pride and
happiness I bring after being conquered.
I wish to be admired for my beauty and my awe-inspiring heights
I say to come one and all;
test yourselves and receive a beautiful prize I am the mountain

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