Felipe portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 10-15, 2007
  • Felipe
  • SEKI: Turlock
  • Sequoia Kings Canyon N.P.

Nature is a beautiful thing we have in this world. These three days I was able to change my life which feels so repetitive; I also started thinking why god really made this place. I know it wasn't fairies and made it just appear. I found out life isn't just in the cities. It is everywhere. I really wish I could just stay here by myself without nothing to worry about.

This experience I wish everybody could have now that I know about all this wildlife. I have to be able to spread the word of how beautiful it is! This trip is a lot of fun but isn't really the reason why one should come. You should really come to know what is out here and is waiting for you.

Wilderness for me is beautiful part of this world. It is a place where you get to appreciate what nature really is. Wilderness also helps stress because it brings you to an internal peace that liberates you from a daily world.

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