Laura portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 10-15, 2007
  • Laura
  • SEKI: Turlock
  • Sequoia Kings Canyon N.P.

Wilderness is important to me because it's my life, I can't live without it. It's a place that I could relax and see the beauty of the nature. Also to see how the animals live and communicate with each other. I will tell my family and friends how the wilderness is and how to keep it that way, so it could be there longer.

In this trip I learned a lot. Especially about me. I learn how to work in groups also how much I could do to protect the wilderness. I'm confident that I could do many things if I believe I could do it. I would never forget this experience because I became a new person and did things that I thought I would never do, and I'm proud of it and also to come on this trip.

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