Charmaine portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 10-15, 2007
  • Charmaine
  • SEKI: Turlock
  • Sequoia Kings Canyon N.P.

Wilderness is important to me because it gives younger people the chance to know that the world is not all one big city. And it is a place for the wild to stay wild without getting threatened.

I am a little piece of something big.
I see others of my kind all around me.
I hear the birds in the big trees above.
I smell the presence of animals that pass by.
I taste the water when it rains.
I feel the pain from the long way down.
I know that I am an important part of where I live.
I wish I could be more noticeable.
I say Hey look at me, I'm bigger than the others.
I am a little pine cone.

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