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  • Expedition: Apr 3-8, 2016
  • Danielle
  • Kingsburg High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy

Monday, 4/4/16
Today was our second day here, we woke up pretty early to get ready for the day and for breakfast. After, we met Jack and Alejandro. They seem pretty chill to hike with so I'm stoked and pumped for backpacking. We practiced packed our backpacks and it all seems so real. Now tomorrow is our first day in the wild backpacking and I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I hope I come home from this experience changed and I get to know all the people who came, too. This will definitely give me more appreciation for wildlife. Tomorrow is the arrival to Hetch Hetchy and the first day of the hike. So, big day tomorrow!!! :) Zzzz.

Danielle Rest

Wednesday, 4/6/16
I didn't get a chance to write Tuesday. Yesterday was a hard day, emotionally and physically. I pushed myself to keep going even though my shoulders, knee, and hips were killing me. I was very proud of myself after we camp to camp because not a lot of people are able to hike 6.5 miles in a day. Today is our relaxing day to reflect and enjoy the day in Yosemite. It's so gorgeous and wonderful out here in nature. This is my first time ever camping and backpacking. I very much enjoy being away from society, I can come here for peace of mind. Last night, before I feel asleep I was listening to the rushing water and waterfall we camped by and thinking of how lucky I am to be here on Earth, thinking of life and how basic life can be, we only need little to survive but our minds forever wander and are complex. I'm just so thankful God put me here, even though life can sometimes get stressful because of family, friends, school, etc, but God also gave us beautiful places to get away from all that drama and find one's self. We are little compared ot the universe, and my life span is little compared to Earth's, we need to take care of this beautiful place for generations to come so they can see the beauty we see. the most beautiful think I've seen in Yosemite yet are all the waterfalls, we walked by a lot yesterday. It's nice to come here and get away from the fast pace of every day life and not not have worries. Life is good like it should be. Much love for Mother Nature!

Danielle Group

Thursday, 4/7/16
Today was our challenge hike, it was actually way funner than hiking on a trail, all the people that came worked as a team. We all helped one another if someone fell or was falling behind. The view was so magnificent, it made my lunch a 5 star. It was great to go off the trail and experience off-trailing. Why I came here was to get away from my stressful life back home. I love to be alone and find peace when I can but most of the time, I have a busy schedule and no time for myself. This year, anxiety hit me hard, I started getting more anxiety. That's why I wanted to come on this trip, to get away from society and be relaxed by all the nature around me. I'd love to live in a place like this when I get older and find peace. I'm actually a little sad I have to leave this beautiful place tomorrow, even though in the beginning I was homesick and missing my boyfriend. I'm so glad I came here, I made new friends and I'll always remember this experience. I can't wait to take a shower, I smell pretty gross, but it's worth it to be out here a couple of days and to see what it's like. I'm just so thankful that I had this chance to come here for free. I would love to come and visit this place when it's covered in snow, it would be so gorgeous. I'm looking forward to our campfire tonight and sleeping outside my sleeping bag under the big stars. Tomorrow is our hike back and I hope I can see my phone right when I get back to the car to tell everyone how awesome of an experience this was and post a lot of pictures I took on my phone the first two days in Curry/Half Dome Village.

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