Sara portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 3-8, 2016
  • Sara
  • Kingsburg High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy

It just amazes me that god gave all this beauty to us. Seeing this waterfall and all these trees are more life-changing than I would have thought. And He gave us the ability to come here too. all of us were able to hike those 6.5 miles and make it here. I truly believe God put us all here in this place for a reason. I've met some pretty awesome people, like Sydney and Valeria, who I've gone to school with all my life and hardly knew. I would've never guessed that I'd be camping in a tent with them in the middle of nowhere and getting to know them so well, but I am. I also met Nana and Rita, foreign exchange students who are so far out of their comfort zone and so far from home. Yet they still inspire me more and more with their silly jokes and cute accents, and the fact that they came on this trip despite it being scary.

I wonder what it would be like to be here for 2 weeks. I really want to come here with my family and show it to them. I want them to see what I'm seeing right now.

I think a trip like this would be really good for Nick. He loves to explore like I do, and it would be really good for him to be away from Kingsburg and closer to here and himself.

Sara Brandon

Why I Pray

I pray because I have faith.
I pray because God is my friend.
I pray because I have secrets that only I and the Lord know.
I pray because I get lost often
And I pray when I am found.
I pray in rejoice
and in grief.
I pray when I am engulfed in love
and I pray when I am drowning in hate.
I pray because I do not know hwere I am going
or how I am getting there.
I pray when I feel stuck
and pray when I am free.
I pray to get closer to Jesus
and closer to myself.
I pray because I am not perfect
because I am wrong
because I make mistakes.
And I pray because I am forgiven, for all I have done.
Because all my debt is paid for.
I pray because I love the Lord
And I pray because he loves me.

Sara Hike

Why I Explore
Exploring takes me places.
Exploring lets me see new things and meet new people.
I explore to breathe fresh air
and to climb rocks
I explore because I love heights
and I hate confinement.
I explore because I hate rules
and I love to break them.
I explore to break the ideology
of youth, stuck to a screen,
unwilling to leave their house.
I explore for the danger,
and for the breathtaking views.
I explore because I am in
love with God's creation,
and would love nothing
more than to see all of it.
I explore because there is always
more to look at.
I explore for the cliffs I stand
at the edge at, and the
view that makes my heart leap
out of my chest.
I explore as a form of worship and thanks to the Lord
whom I love so dearly, and I
appreciate all he has given me.
I explore because I know what
my house looks like,
but I do not know the whole world.
I explore because the more I
see, the more I realize I
don't know.

Sara Looks

I will never stop loving God's creation. I can't wrap my head around it, how he placed eerything here in its exact spot. Each rock, ant, log, is all put exactly where it is because God put it there! he knows each star in the sky, tree in the forest. Oh, I will love you forever my Lord! You are my rock, my salvation. I cannot thank you enough for this earth I call home, and I know going home to heaven and you wil be a million times more beautiful! Thank you, Father!

Sara Selfie
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