Amada portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 24-29, 2007
  • Amada
  • Turlock HS
  • Yosemite National Park. Cloud's Rest.

Right now I feel like the river, slowly moving, but feeling every wave. I feel part of the earth where anything can happen. It's like you can't feel the rotating earth underneath but you trust nightfall will come. Blind belief.

I see an ant searching about for a purpose, just like us. A small thing in a big universe. I hear a bee buzzing around my ear, sending fright into my body. I hear the trees whispering to each other the secrets of Cloud's Rest. I feel tiny frightened muscles around my body, the cold touch of the air around my uncovered skin. I feel my heart becoming one with the earth. I feel the rock underneath me, hard yet welcoming. I smell the dirt that we don't fully appreciate. I taste the aftermath of pretzels in my mouth. I taste Yosemite. I feel wonder and love, like a bird that can soar to the highest mountain!

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