Analilia portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 24-29, 2007
  • Analilia
  • Turlock HS
  • Yosemite National Park. Cloud's Rest.

I see so many rocks, but they're not ordinary rocks, they are rocks that represent how far we have come. I see so many mountains that show how big Yosemite is. I see the bluest sky that I have ever seen. I see trees that from up here, it looks like really green grass. I see paths, paths that we can take once we are going down, and some paths could change our lives forever.

I hear the wind blowing so freely that nothing is stopping it. I hear peace and quiet which we can't get in Turlock. I hear the bees flying against the wind.

I feel the wind blowing the hardest it can, and also dirt. I feel the rocks that have always been here and I never thought I would be standing on them.

I smell the cleanest and freshest air.

I taste the happiness of how we got up here safely.

I feel proud of myself for coming to Cloud's Rest, excited to tell my family how incredible and high it is, and I feel relaxed and peaceful because I forgot my problems back in Turlock.

photo:analilia tree photo:analiliamap
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