Alec portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 24-29, 2007
  • Alec
  • Turlock HS
  • Yosemite National Park. Cloud's Rest.

Wilderness to me is a getaway from the everyday practices of life. A home away from home. A home for the spirit and the soul. A place to be inspired and awed. A place made by the beauty of God.

I see the whole world around me, mountains and trees all around me; massive granite slabs, little plants that somehow make it at 10,000 feet. I feel the ant crawling up my leg, the warm sun at my back and the cool breeze on my face. I can also feel the granite slab I'm laying on that's surprisingly comfortable. I hear the bees buzzing around, a nearby hiker munching on some grub. And, in some extended moments of time, complete silence. I smell sweat, haha. I can smell mint, as there is a plant next to me. And best of all, fresh mountain air. I can taste the nasty iodine water, not only when I drink it, but when I burp too. But I can also taste victory and oh how sweet it is. Inside, I feel calm, aloof, relaxed. Alls I want to do is just chill and watch the view. Screw cameras, Kodak can't mimic this image!

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