• Expedition: Apr 4-9, 2004
  • Liberty, Crenshaw and Reseda High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy

WildLink's Expedition V celebrated an unusually dry and warm spring with an unforgettable week in Hetch Hetchy. Traditionally one of our wetter expedition slots, Expedition V enjoyed a bright and hot week of sun-warmed granite and thundering waterfalls. We were visited by one short and beautiful storm our final evening out, complete with growling thunder and towering piles of cumulus clouds.

The expedition group was comprised of students from Liberty High School, and Crenshaw and Reseda High Schools in Los Angeles. We hiked into Rancheria Creek and set up an idyllic camp, where we warmed ourselves on sunny granite slabs by day, and were sung to sleep by Rancheria falls by night. The moon was so bright it made it hard to sleep, but the stars still made a great showing. The week included a spirited reenactment of the Hetch Hetchy debate, GLOBE water quality testing, a challenge hike up to Tilltill Valley, campfires, salsa dance lessons and waterfights to beat the heat. Other highlights included the sighting of two bears just out of hibernation foraging down in Tilltill Valley, and the rare but fantastic experience of snowball fighting on a seventy-degree day!

Each student and school brought a unique set of talents and insight into our team, and by the end of the week it was hard to say goodbye!

joe at falls
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