• Expedition: Sep 8-13, 2019
  • Venture Academy Expedition 09/2019
  • Yosemite National Park: May Lake

Celebrating twenty years with WildLink, Venture Academy set out on yet another beautiful trek to May Lake.

After a long day of packing and prepping, the group headed to the trail on Tuesday. After just a mile of beautiful hiking in the high country, they arrived at their campsite for lunch. Wilderness Ranger Kim talked to the group about the history of High Sierra camps in Yosemite. She also helps the group select a campsite that falls within the Leave No Trace ethics in the park. After lunch, the day was filled with games and reflection, and ended with a beautiful sunset over the lake. In the morning on Tuesday students were able to help Kim with her task of cleaning up campfire rings around the Backpackers camp. They also loved watching her do the other parts of her job, including checking people's permits and talking to other campers in the campsite. After a morning filled with hard work, the group enjoyed lunch together and were able to chill, reflect, and bond in the afternoon. By now they had found the best sunset spot near the campsite and went to watch yet another sunset that evening. Living in the city makes it difficult to truly experience the sunrise and sunset, so the students we're deeply grateful for the opportunity to enjoy that day after day. Thursday the students woke with anticipation and excitement. This was the day that they were setting out to hike up Mount Hoffman. Throughout that difficult day, the group helped each other through strenuous hiking and self doubt. By supporting each other, they were able to reach their goal and were rewarded with a glorious view of the park. With sore legs and a sense of accomplishment, they headed down the mountain and back to their campsite for a much deserved dinner. After packing up camp and putting everything back into their backpacks the group headed out for a final hike to the parking lot. Once they arrived, they unpacked their backpacks and reflected a bit more on their time in the backcountry. This one another incredible year in the backcountry for Venture students!


Students smiling at their beautiful backcountry campsite


A moment of reflection on their way to Mt. Hoffman


Taking a break to admire the view


Snow near the summit of Mt. Hoffman!

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