WildLink Family Expedition

This program is meant to bring back WildLink Alumni who felt especially connected to the wilderness during their expedition in order to share the experience with their families. During your time back in Yosemite alumni will have the opportunity show their families around the park and share memories from their trip. All participants will stay in tent cabins on the Yosemite Valley floor for the first three nights and then will a venture into Yosemite’s wilderness for two additional nights. Particpants are expected to stay with the group during the duration of the program. If you had a hard time explaining to your family how WildLink changed your life, this is your op- portunity to stop explaining and start showing them!

To apply: go to home page, click on Expeditions, then "WildLink Family Expedition" and complete application.

WildLink is a proud partner of the National Park Service, National Forest Service, and Nature Bridge.