Opportunity to Work in Yosemite

Get your foot in the door to a career in Yosemite National Park!

Yosemite Valley field interpretation has a few openings for volunteer information assistants working in the field interpretation branch. Campsites are provided. The positions run from approximately mid March through the end of September, with a little bit of flexibility.

This is a great opportunity for anyone with customer service experience looking to step into NPS as a career. They are looking for individuals who are highly motivated, and have a passion for parks as well as for helping people. Last but not least, they are looking for people who are flexible and adaptable, and who can work in high intensity, busy, crowded environments.

Check out the position by following the link the link below. Interviews are happening now! Erik Westerlund will be conducting the interviews and can be emailed at erik_westerlund@nps.gov


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