• Expedition: Jun 12-17, 2016
  • Coleville High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Sunrise Lakes and Cloud's Rest

Students from Coleville High School arrived in Yosemite for a backpacking adventure of a lifetime. After packing their gear and exploring Giant Sequoias in the Tuolumne Grove, they headed out towards Sunrise Lakes, near Tuolumne Meadows . The group started their hike with a chilly water crossing at the outlet of Tenaya Lake. With shoes off and pant legs rolled up, they powered across to the other side, none fazed by the icy temperatures. They continued up snowy hills to an amazing campsite on glacially polished granite slabs above the first lake. The next morning, they decided to get right to the challenging portion of their expedition, a hike to the top of Cloud’s Rest (elevation nearly 10,000Ft)! All were rewarded with panoramic views of Half Dome, Mt. Watkins and Tenaya Canyon. The group helped each other to both face and overcome fears on the day of their hike and throughout their time in the Wilderness. The Jimmy Clan, Can! The group hiked, camped and sang songs around the campfire with Wilderness Ranger Jessica. That is, when a fire finally got going ;)

Ranger Jessica also led the group in a stewardship project to help restore improper campfire rings to their natural state, helping to keep Sunrise Lakes a stunning and pristine place to visit. Right away the group began making memories that will last forever, having song wars, playing camouflage, crossing and experimenting with diverting creeks and of course, memorializing a life lost too soon...Ceasar the S'pnork.

They could hear a faint Grouse rendition of taps playing as Ceasar the S’pnork cracked in half and was laid to rest. At least there was some solace found in edible presidential candidate look-a-likes aka delicious goldfish.

High Sierra Lake

Slone brought group moral back after the loss of Ceasar by showing off his mad hair styling skills…french braids for all!

A moment of excitment rushed through the group while in the Wilderness when a bear was spotted...wait...uh...oh...it was just a deer.

The students of Coleville High School walked to the top of tall mountains, explored lake basins, made Yosemite a more beautiful and wild place and discovered that they are all stronger than thought. This was an incredible trip with amazing young people!

group stretch

Stretching before a long hike to Cloud's Rest


The campsite to beat all other campsites

clouds rest sign

Almost there!

crossing creeks

These students were experts in water crossings from day 1!


Goldfish...for president!!!


Restoration with Ranger Jessica

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