• Expedition: May 11-15, 2013
  • New Leaf: A Sustainable Living Collaborative & Kingsburg High School
  • Yosemite National Park: North Dome

Students from Kingsburg High School and New Leaf: A Sustainable Living Collaborative joined forces on an expedition in May. Low snow levels meant that the Tioga Road opened early, and this group got rare opportunity to hike from the Porcupine Creek trailhead to the saddle of North Dome, where they set up a 3-night base camp. The group bonded over silly games like "Pterodactyl" and by braving a thunderstorm together, repeating the phrase, "I love rain" over and over again.


Yesterday we hiked in! Ten kids total but we are a group of two different high schools which makes for a much different experience. All day it was beautiful, it was sunny with a great breeze. Before we left we all picked words out of a hat that represented a good leader. My word was selflessness. I don’t know how anyone could be so selfish in a beautiful place like Yosemite. It gives not only humans, but other species so much and pretty much takes nothing. I saw selflessness from every person on our 4.7 miles hike in to North Dome. The view was beautiful at every moment of the day but nothing compared to sleeping outside underneath the stars across from Half Dome. More stars than I ever saw at once in my life, ,and then I woke up in the middle of the night and they doubled. I can’t imagine a better place to be right here, right now. –Ashley

Group Hiking Up North Dome

The group hikes up to the top of North Dome.

North Dome
4.7 Miles Sunrise

Today is the start of our third day in the backcountry. We hiked in with 10 students total, but we are not left with 8. 3 of us hiked out yesterday due to illness. So far on this expedition we have seen so many beautiful sites. For the past two nights in a row I have slept outside at the base of North Dome under the stars. I have NEVER IN MY LIFE seen so many stars, but what caught me off guard was when I woke up in the middle of the night…I would see twice as many stars than when I went to sleep. Well enough of that. Right now in this present moment I am being attact by a swarm of miniature flys. They probable can smell me from a mile away. Also, I am being followed by this huge bumblebee we all call John. Anyways, I am completely homesick. At some points during the day I regret coming on this trip but at some points I don’t. At some points I try to picture myself at home having just as much fun as I am here but at some points I don’t. I think that what is so nerveracking for me is that I haven’t seen my mom since Thursday. But also my family since Friday. This life experience is teaching me that I do love my family more than I thought and also that I can bond with people I don’t even know faster than I think. WildLink is awesome! Go KingLeaf! –Jenisse

Group Ring

Kingsburg + New Leaf = KingLeaf!


Today we hiked to Yosemite Point which was a 6 mile round trip. The day started out very nicely so it was warm, Getting to Yosemite Point was kind of tough because it can be very tiring. We did a good job of getting there in a good amount of time. Getting there was a great feeling of accomplishment. We had lunch up there but it was kind of rushed because there were storm clouds coming in. After rushing through lunch we did get to go over the fence on Yosemite Point and enjoyed the view for awhile before hiking back up to our campsite by North Dome in the rain. I was cold, wet, and tired the whole hike back up to camp. At camp we all just got into warm clothes and they started a fire. We had dinner at camp and sat by the fire the rest of the night until we were told to go to bed but even though it rained it was still a great day.

Group S'more


Group Fire Ring Removal

Removing and reducing illegal fire rings with Liz, a National Park Service Wilderness Ranger (and WildLink alumnus!).

Group Half Dome

The views were pretty decent, too.

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