• Career Connection: Jul 14-26, 2019
  • Career Connection 2019
  • Yosemite National Park

Wildlink alumni returned to Yosemtie this summer for a glimpse at what it’s like to work in a National Park.

Inspired by their WildLink expeditions, the six alumni chosen for Career Connection have all decided to explore careers in public lands. They came to Yosemite with motivation to figure out where their future paths may lead, and to gain some experience in many different fields. There were countless highlights of their two weeks on program. Many loved the work they did with the restoration crew in the Merced Grove, because they felt personally responsible for helping to protect the giant sequoias. They also learned about the more adventurous paths in the Park Service through getting to spend time hiking with wilderness rangers and climbing with rock climbing rangers. The group was also entranced during their time with biologists, trail crew, hospitality staff, and interpretive rangers. However, something that really stood out, perhaps more than anything else, was that each person they worked with claimed that their job was the best and most important one in the park. This showed the group that the most important thing in choosing a career is to pursue your passions, and that every NPS division relies on all others for the park to function. We can’t wait to see how the students take this new knowledge and transform it into a meaningful career.


Volunteering with restoration in the Mariposa Grove

Yose Falls

Posing by Yosemite Falls


Spending the day with rangers at Hetch Hetchy reservoir


Ready to head into the wilderness!


The incredible sunset at cathedral lakes


James becoming one with the land

climbing knots

Rock climbing!


Volunteering is hard work sometimes

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