• Expedition: Sep 1 - Nov 3, 2017
  • Fall/Winter 2017 Round Up
  • Yosemite

We were blessed by nice weather this fall, and had four expeditions venture out into Yosemite National Park.


Venture Academy (Stockton) - This group of high schoolers made their way to Yosemite early this september eager and ready for adventure. That is just what they got, during their journey to May Lake they enjoyed bonding with each other on trail and worked to build great group dynamics. This group put their desire for adventure to the test when they did their challenge hike up to Mount Hoffman. Students returned from their expedition with wide eyes, struggling to describe the feeling of a 360 degree view of Yosemite from the summit.

Kingsburg High School - (Kingsburg) A small but mighty group of seven students from Kingsburg High School arrived on a crisp September morning to gear up for their expedition to Cathedral Lakes. During their expedition they helped a NPS Ranger do projects around their campsite, and took a wonderful day hike out to Budd Lake.

Turlock/Pitman - (Turlock) Clear, blue skies greeted our high schoolers from Turlock High School when they arrived in Yosemite this October. 11 excited students, who are all members of Turlocks’ own “WildLink Club”, joined our educators on an epic adventure, one that they would remember forever. This group made their way out to Ostrander Lake, they enjoyed beautiful views, especially on their way to Cloud’s Rest, and laughter along the way. One student wrote “Wilderness to me is a getaway from the everyday practices of life. A home away from home. A home for the spirit and the soul. A place to be inspired and awed.”

Health Careers Academy - (Stockton) 11 eager and giggly ladies arrived from HCA late this October. Upon their arrival in Yosemite they found themselves surrounded by stunning fall colors in the valley. On their second day they geared up with their educators, learned some of the basics, and prepared for their expedition. They took off toward Rancheria, encountered a bear family and saw some amazing views as they hiked along the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. All in all they had a great expedition and even managed to sneak in some face masks in celebration of Halloween!

Health Careers Academy
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