• Ambassador: Jun 16-18, 2015
  • Sierra National Forest Campout and Restoration
  • Sierra National Forest: Rancheria Campground and Upper Twin Lake

The WildLink ladies from New Village Girls Academy brought some of their classmates from Los Angeles to Sierra National Forest for a weekend of camping, camaraderie, and stewardship.

Every year, the New Village Girls Academy WildLink alumni try to gather a group of their peers who have not had the opportunity to visit many public lands and show them the ropes. This year, the crew came to Huntington Lake on the Sierra National Forest, where they camped and hiked for three days.

After driving up from Los Angeles, the group settled into their new home by setting up tents and sleeping bags, enjoying the late light on the shores of Huntington Lake, and cooking dinner together on camp stoves.

Huntington Lake

Huntington Lake: home, sweet home!

Hanging Out

Getting the lay of the land at Huntington Lake.

The next morning, the group packed up their bags for a challenging hike to Upper Twin Lake. They met up with U.S. Forest Service wilderness rangers, who led the group up the trail.

Map Lesson

Trail briefing for the day.

Adam on Trail

Ranger Adam educates the group on a bit of natural history.

Some of the girls hiked up the trail to Upper Twin Lake and removed and restored illegal fire rings for an hour, while the other group found new strength from challenging their physical limits.

Fire Ring Stewardship

The group quickly got down to business at Upper Twin Lake, removing illegal fire rings.

Upper Twin Lake

The Upper Twin Lake stewardship crew!

That night, around the campfire, the girls shared laughter and stories and reflected on a wonderful wilderness trip.


Conversations about life and wilderness around the campfire.

Campfire 2

Russell tells a tall tale.

In their own words...

"My favorite parts were looking at beautiful amazing views that made the hikes and the trip worth it. Another one of my favorites were the stars at night." -Karina

"I learned that I am able to do more than I thought I was capable of doing" -Yuliza

"I learned that I was able to accomplish things if I could push myself. Also I learned how beautiful the environment is." -Zoneida

"I learned that nature exists whether it's far from the city or close to your fron tdoor, it is blissful and beautiful. It is precious and filled with life." -Kimberly

On Trail

The air is thin up here!

Fire Ring Removal

Gathering and spreading ashes from illegal rings.

Rock Sit

An enjoyable break on a hard hike!

Cool Feet

A nice foot soak after a day of rewarding hiking and working.

Hiking on Trail

Hiking on trail together.


Working together to protect the wilderness character of Upper Twin Lake.


Awesome views on trail.


There's nothing in the world like relaxing next to a waterfall.

WildLink is a proud partner of the National Park Service, National Forest Service, and Nature Bridge.