• Expedition: Apr 29 - May 4, 2012
  • Generation Green - Central California Consortium
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetchy Hetchy

What happens when the Central California Consortium of Generation Green meets up with NatureBridge for a WildLink expedition? You get GreenBridge! This hearty group of students from Reedley and Orange Cove spent a week in Yosemite, exploring spectacularly beautiful places, including Yosemite Valley, Wapama Falls, Rancheria Creek, LeConte Point, and the Tuolumne Grove of giant sequoias. From beginning to end, this group embraced the notion of working together as a family unit, and it showed in their dedication toward taking care of each other. Read their story in their own words...

Date: 4-30-12
Weather: Sunny

Today, we met our Wildlink guider Ruth. We got to interact with her and our group. We did silly dance moves, and introduced ourselves. Next, we worked with the Yosemite Valley map and identifed North dome and Half Dome. We hiked to meet Shelton too. He was very inspring, and famous as well. Shelton showed us the beauty of the forest and the greatness of nature. He also inspired us to follow our dreams, and that minorities can make it far too. We got to see Yosemite falls next. It was very beautiful, and wild like the Native Americans described it. When we got back to Curry village we met Deeps. He was a very nice guy, and gave us rocks that meant a lot to him. After we had lunch, we began packing the tools necessary for the hike. Next, we played a game that help us with teamwork, trust, and how to become closer as a family. In the night, we missed our evening program, so we went back to lower Yosemite falls. One of our friends said he saw a bear, but we will never know for sure.

Group Ruth Map

Ruth orients GreenBridge to the route.

Date: May 1, 2012
Weather: nice, windy
Activity: getting to Hetch Hetchy camping

Today was a pretty exciting day. It was the start of our journey. Today we left camp, we packed our gear and came to the place we were going to be camping at. The hike up here was pretty hard especially because we had to carry everything we were going to need to stay here. But I cant really complain because the view is so wonderful. We passed several waterfalls that were so amazing. We got wet of course, but it was really needed. The Falls are the greatest thing from the trip except I can’t really say that because if I look around everything is pretty amazing. I’m pretty bumbed out that we really can view the stars b/c the trees are covering them up, but Hey everything else makes up for it.

Group Deeps Game

Deeps, Michael, Cynthia, Maria, and David play a game.

May 2, 2012
Weather: Sunny
Activity: hike to LeConte Point

Today was a pretty thrilling day. We went hiking to LeConte Point and reached the top. The climb/hike up the mountain and crossing of creeks was a challenge. There was points were we felt like giving up, but at the end it was all worth it. Like David said “Give it 100%, Go hard or go home!” And we went hard!! (: Ehh…he motivated us to keep the strength to get to the top, because he knew we’d regret it if we didn’t. Once we got to the top the view was mindblowing. It was relaxing sitting there knowing we accomplished something incredible. After going up we had to come down. Coming down was the hardest part because the slopes we climbed were steep and made it harder coming down from them. We got off the trail which made it confusing where to go. But at the end of the day it was all worth it!! (:

Group Twilight Hetchy

Rancheria Creek and Hetch Hetchy Reservoir at twilight.

Sunny and windy

It is the last day here at Yosemite National Park. My experience is unexplainable because the wonders are so great. I will do my best to whoever is reading this can be convinced to come upon this great Journey.

Through out my Journey I have seen many spectacular and breath taking views. For example, El Capitan, 3 Brothers, Yosemite Falls, Tueeulala Falls, Wapama Falls, Hetch Hetchy dome, LeConte Point and many others. On the estimated 10 mile hike to the top of Le Conte Point was great. The team went through struggles, but we all pushed and overcame and made it to the top. As I looked down I saw wonderful views (god has created and has give us). I was able to hear Rancheria Falls and it reminded me to keep flowing to make sure I achieve my goals in life. The group and I were at a very high point and it reminds us to stay high up and to not let anything bring you down. The feeling, the sounds, and the Joy filled our hearts as if it was the secret to happiness. As if the key was given to us, even tho we don’t deserve it. We climbed together as a team. Friends and as a family. I looked back at my friends, while there smiles bright brighter than ever.

When I am up here I feel so relieved. I feel segregated from everything that goes on down in the city. “It’s a touch of perfection,” my friend John stated. I agree it is a beautiful place, but it is up to us, to you, and our Future Generations to keep this place the way It is. WildLink was something awesome and different from everything and anything else I have experienced. It is shocking how many kids, youth, and different people don’t know about this Amazing place. There are many different Ideas, lessons, and concepts I take from this trip and take them on in Life. I have learned greatly from this experience in Nature and I know that those lessons will be helpful in my everyday Life.

I also want to thank Aramy for giving us the opportunity to have this feeling and Joy through our hearts, while in Yosemite. WildLink is a once in a Lifetime opportunity that is Great. So whoever is reading this and has the chance to take it DO IT!!!

WildLink was great. I loved it! =)

Group Dinner Campfire

Mmmmm! Dinner around the campfire.

Hiking on Trail


Group Flox

Flox, one of the many beautiful wildflowers seen along the trail.

WildLink is a proud partner of the National Park Service, National Forest Service, and Nature Bridge.