• Expedition: Jun 7-10, 2011
  • The kNOw
  • Sequoia National Park

Six students from The kNOw Youth Media came out to Sequoia National Park for four days of adventure, challenge, camaraderie, and solitude. The kNOw is a Fresno-based organization that supports and equips young people with media skills as a means for telling their stories and the stories of their community. To see William's audio slideshow article, please visit The kNOW's website.

Day 1

Hmmm let me see where do I start??? Got to the park at 9:00am which made us an hour early Yay!!! Evidently we couldn’t wait to eat so pita sandwiches for everyone and then another hour to the actual campsite. An what an exhausting packing was Omg…The River is beautiful. I’m kinda scared about 2nyte but I got the girls in the tent with me…can’t wait 2 see what 2morrow brings!!!!

Well I started off the day feeling soo exhausted. I really lost interest in coming, but hey I’m here and the 1st day has been awesome! We learned a lot about packing and basic backpacking stuff and I know tomorrow will be more hectic but I’m up for it. Feeling PUMPED!

Well today has been really great! Everything is just so beautiful! To be quite honest though I’m really scared for the 5.5 mile hike tomorrow,, but I don’t think it’s gonna be as hard as what me, Erica, and Meme did! Running up hills are hard. Anywho I’m really excited for the next couple of days!!! They’re gonna be fun!!!

The kNOw on a log

Day 2

…today was awesome and horrible. Eight hours of walking uphill and tiny breaks made my life a living hell. I enjoyed today greatly but I don’t think I will ever,ever hike again. This did not feel like 5.5 miles. I saw so many different sides of my peers but it did not change my feelings of them. I still look up to them and they are still my inspiration. I still love them. What a wonderful day!
–Yee Leng Vang

Hell Yeah!! We just walked 5.5 miles walking up steep cliffs and rocks. We survived and I feel amazing. Today is awesome. I can’t wait to sleep.

The kNOw hiking

Day 3

Today we embarked on a short hike – “saunter”, rather, away from our campground. We’ve come across a notable amount of snow; some of chose to make the best of what some may see as an obstacle. The day was beautiful – not to hot, not to cold. In my opinion, there was hardly a thing to complain about. This was a day for relaxation, and most importantly reflection and much needed time to ourselves. Even though you are around people you know and love, a bit of sweet time to yourself is vital to your overall well-being. Going back to camp was actually the saddest, most pressing part of my day. Knowing that time with some of the most important people in my life is ending soon, hurts an immeasurable amount of times worse that the six mile hike up dangerous terrain any day. Though this journey has been challenging and has pushed me to my breaking point many, many times, I am proud of myself and of the people around me. Though painful, frustrating, and agonizing it has been, I am glad to have had this experience, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The group eats lunch
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