• Expedition: Jun 3-6, 2006
  • Madera High School
  • Kings Canyon National Park

In June Stephanie Strickland and Savannah Boiano of the Sequoia Natural History Association's SEKI WildLink program had the pleasure of spending four days with students and chaperones from Madera High School. We had the opportunity to visit the General Grant tree before heading out the Redwood Canyon trail to view the Hart tree and the Dogwoods in full bloom. It was an amazing journey that looped through a forest full of Giant Sequoias both standing and down. A number of times the trail led us through or over fallen giants. We camped near Redwood Creek and were visited by a number of deer as they made their way to the water's edge. On our second day of walking, we followed Redwood Creek toward towards Big Springs. Along the way we learned about native flora and fauna and had the opportunity to spend time just listening to the music of nature. Thank you to all who made this trip such a wonderful adventure.

sequoia in the tree mushroom waterfall
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