• Expedition: Apr 8-19, 2019
  • New Village Girls Academy Expedition 2019
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy

To kick off the WildLink season, girls from New Village Girls Academy headed up to Yosemite all the way from LA for their four day expedition.

The group headed out on trail on a rainy but beautiful morning at Hetch Hetchy. After passing through a tunnel on the other side of the reservoir, they were officially in the wilderness, where they would hike the next six miles to their campsite. The hike was long and challenging, but the group pushed on and made it before sundown. The exhausted bunch set up camp, ate dinner, and had a well deserved nights sleep. As yesterday’s wet clothes dried in the sun around camp, the next day was dedicated to stewardship and self care. Wilderness Ranger PJ facilitated a campfire ring removal project in which the group removed fire rings that were in unsuitable areas, and tidied up the fire rings that were okay to keep. After the hard work in the morning, the group spent the rest of the day relaxing by the river, stretching, and spending time with each other. The rest day prepared them for their challenge hike to come the following day. Waking up in the morning, the group knew they were in for a challenge. After breakfast, day packs were packed and everyone headed out on an uphill trail towards Le Conte Point, an off-trail peak high above their camp site. The off trail section of the hike was covered in snow, but the girls pushed on through and made it to the peak. Overcome with a feeling of accomplishment, the group descended to long trail and made their way back for their last night at camp. The next morning, the group re-packed their big packs with the supplies that had created their temporary wilderness home and headed back on the trail they came from. Six miles later, the exhausted and accomplished students were happy to be greeted with lunch and actual toilets before their journey back to Los Angeles. It was a long way home, but luckily the time was filled with stories, recollections, and much needed naps.

Stewardship With PJ

Along with Wilderness Ranger PJ, students remove fire rings that do not follow park regulations, and clean up the ones that do.

Snowy Challenge Hike

Students ascend a snowy trail to reach Le Conte Point

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