• Career Connection: Jul 6-20, 2018
  • 2018 Career Connections
  • Yosemite National PArk

Career Connections provides WildLink alumni who are curious about careers in Yosemite National Park an opportunity to explore the various career options within a park setting. This year, five students were selected to participate in this hands-on, behind-the-scenes exploration of careers in the park. We spent two weeks engaging in a series of job shadowing activities and presentations from over 30 employees of the National Park Service, the park concessioner, NatureBridge, Yosemite Conservancy and others.

Five joyful folks came together for two weeks to experience what life is like working in Yosemite National Park. These WildLink alumni represented Turlock and Venture Academy, both high schools from the great Central Valley. As other Career Connection students have done in the past, these 5 had an amazing 12 days in Yosemite National Park. They experienced the interesting history and beauty of Hetch Hetchy by boat, and interviewed dozens of happy and caring people who have chosen to live and work in a this National Park. This group thoughtfully explored what career opportunities await them in wild places everywhere. From law enforcement, wildlife biology, restoration and climbing to business and revenue services, the career opportunities are endless! Thank you to all the participants for the laughter, games, and thoughtful insight we shared over the exciting 12 days. Anahi, Estefania, Joseph, Karina and Marlene - we can't wait to see where your path takes you!

Goal Setting

The group thinking about their goals for the two weeks


Prepping our Family Dinner!

Dinner 1

Making some fancy garlic cheese bread!

Dinner 3

Rockin' some awesome aprons on Family Dinner night!


Shelton Johnson is always an inspiration to listen to!


Out on Patrol, we met with Interpretive Ranger Brian, who shared his path to the Park Service and his passions!


The group learning how to belay and other safety elements of rock climbing!


Learning what Wilderness Rangers do when they are out on patrol!


Karina Valle


Estefania Flores


Joseph Galvan


Marlene Ruiz-Flores


Anahi Felix


The whole group!

Hetchy 1

Boat ride on Hetch Hetchy

Hetchy 2

The excitement was high!!


Getting all geared up for climbing!

WildLink is a proud partner of the National Park Service, National Forest Service, and Nature Bridge.