• Expedition: Sep 27 - Oct 2, 2015
  • New Village Girls Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Yosemite Valley

The New Village Girls Academy came to Yosemite, ready to challenge themselves through challenging hikes, crawling through rock caves, visiting a magical giant sequoia grove, and braving a two-night backpacking trip through a downpour. Their smiles on Friday morning made it clear that it was the adventure of a lifetime!

Group Gear

Getting outfitted with backpacking gear!

9/30/15 (Daisy's Birthday)

Dear Everyone,

Today we went on a challenging hike with our backpacking backpacks. It was pretty tuff. I got a headache and my shoulders hurt like BAD, but I got through and honestly if I can get through the hike with the huge backpacking backpacks, ANYBODY can do it. When, we got to our beautiful destination we saw a BEAR. Which was very awesome. At this moment we are cooking dinner. We are cooking curry with rice and vegetables. So goodbye journal, I am starving!


Yellow Pines Bound

On the way to Yellow Pines

10/2/15, 10:05am

Dear people,

I am currently tired. But I need to appreciate the fact how beautiful Yosemite is. It's something that makes you have a deep feeling for nature. I enjoyed my time here even if there was some chaos at the beginning of our trip. We all, even me, pushed through. We had some positive times which was good such as our backpacking trip and the hike with rain that gave mea motivative push. I'm gonna miss everyone that was included in the wilderness expedition. For those who are reading this, enjoy every moment of Yosemite, let all positivity come in your soul. Love it, breathe it, be it. Good luck!


I really don't like writing, so I'll explain how this trip went! (see below)

Wild and Challenging

Connecting to nature - it's a beautiful thing. This park is truly amazing. I love everything. Being in nature is an experience unimaginable. -Nayeli

Sequoia Hug

Getting acquainted with Yosemite's famous megaflora.

Group shot w visitor

Backpacking for the first time!

Group Bridalveil Falls

Bridalveil Falls

Group Pine Cones

Pine cone power!

Group Sequoia Roots

The roots of a gentle giant sequoia.

Group Sequoias

Mighty group with mighty trees

Group rainbow


Group well

The group that plays together stays together.

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