• Expedition: Mar 29 - Apr 3, 2015
  • Generation Green Southern California Consortium
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy

Students from Franklin High School and Academia Semillas del Pueblo Anahuacalmecac's Generation Green clubs came together and bonded on this six-day trip to Yosemite National Park. Right from the get go, it was hard to tell who was from which school because they were all so kind, helpful, inclusive, and considerate of one another, and willing to open up and share deeply with one another.

Along the way, the group participated in lessons on leadership, teambuilding, and comfort zones, created their own shelters (both modern and primitive), learned traditional uses for plants, discussed the meaning of wilderness, made fire using a bow drill, hiked to the top of LeConte Point, and spent time reflecting on the experience through art and journal writing.

April 1, 2015

Today was my first time going to the bathroom in the wilderness. To be honest, not as bad as it may seem. It’s relieving and relaxful. You also have no other choice, being out here for three days. It was one of my biggest fears and I overcame it. Now, there’s nothing stopping me from enjoying mother nature at her finest and making lifelong memories and friends. –Nick

April 2, 2015

Today we reached LeConte Point. Hiking up here was very tiring and it seemed everlasting. Reaching this point was a great achievement and gladly everyone made it here safe. Honestly, the view out here is amazing and I’m thankful I get to experience this. –Denesse I feel proud of all of us because we reached LeConte Point. The hiking and the rock scrambling were tiring but it was all worth it at the end. Up here, is a nice and beautiful view. This whole trip to Yosemite was amazing and I am sure going to miss the views here. I am glad I had the chance to come here and I wish I come again. –Mara

I Stand Firm

I stand firm like the redwood on a windy night like the oak tree standing tall during a thunderstorm. Like the pregnant mother in South Central refusing to stay with her abusive husband.
Like the youth in East LA refusing to be part of the gang culture.
I stand firm against the bane of politics which keep my community in chaos.
I stand firm to fight for the next generation to develop young environmental leaders.
For the next conduits of change to teach and to instill love for nature. –Rob, USFS Generation Green

Top quotes from the week:

  • "Mile, mile and a half."
  • "What's the probability, 1-10?"
  • "Sick man."
  • "Six stars!"
Group Yose Falls

The group spent two nights in Yosemite Valley before heading out on their backpacking trip at Hetch Hetchy.

Group Shark Island

On their second day, they learned important lessons about using their resources and working together during this exercise called "Shark Island."

Group Reach

Strettttttch it out!

Group Trail Reservoir

On their third day, the group drove to Hetch Hetchy and hiked in 7 miles along the reservoir to Rancheria Creek.

Group Line

Hiking down the trail.

Group Hetchy

Home, sweet home near Rancheria Creek.

Group Fire Rings

After a discussions about the nature of wilderness, the group embraced the "leave no trace" ethic and helped remove and minimize illegal campfire rings with NPS Wilderness Ranger Sharon.

Group Fire Ring Removal

Giving back to the park.

Group Semillas Shelter

The groups split off into two groups to create natural shelters. Featured here: the Semillas crew's shelter.

Group Franklin Shelter

Franklin's Shelter

Group Map Lesson

Learning navigation skills from Derek...

Group Navigation Lesson

...and Jenna!

Group Lunch View

Lunch with a view at the top of LeConte Point!

Group Landscape

Nothing like thousand foot ridges to make one feel small.

Group Ridge

What goes up...must come down.

Group Bridge

On the bridge above Rancheria Creek.

Field Guide

Some species seen on trail!

6 Stars

A map for the "6 Star Story." You had to be there.

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