• Ambassador: Jun 6-8, 2014
  • Tahoe National Forest Bird Festival
  • Tahoe National Forest: Fallen Leaf Lake

Students from Generation Green Central California Consortium helped facilitate the Tahoe National Forest's "Wild Weekend."

Since Generation Green is a U.S. Forest Service program, the Central California Consortium was invited by their counterparts at the Northern California Consortium to come help out at the event. The first day was the Bird Festival.

Bird of Prey

This festival is for the birds.

Wheel Kids

Kids learn about challenges to bird migration in this interactive game.

Students helped with set-up and clean-up, posted signs, gave directions to interpretive walks, and hosted booths, including the bird migration game, the information table, the kids' craft and coloring table, and the art contest voting booth. In the words of one student, "From this project, I've learned that many people love and protect the wilderness. I always assumed it was a handful of people, but that's wrong. I also learned to work together, not against each other because they are all you have."

Booth Smiles

Setting up the kids' table.

Ranger Art Contest

Helping a Tahoe National Forest ranger decide how to vote in the bird art contest.

After breaking down the bird festival, the group was tired, and they soaked their feet in the cool waters of Lake Tahoe. That evening, the students worked on their teambuilding skills by playing a couple of group games, including a challenge to flip a tarp upside down while still standing on it. Afterward, many students said they learned important skills about teamwork. One student said, "I learned to work together always, even how hard a situation gets because working together is easier than not."

Beach Time

A hard-earned break at the beach in Lake Tahoe.

Flip Tarp

Can you flip an entire tarp without touching the ground?

The next morning, students returned to help set up, clean up, and host booths again, but this time for the Native Species Festival.

Info Booth

Helping the public at the information booth.

Juana Selene Booth

The three pillars of teamwork in action: communication, strategy, and trust.

Fallen Leaf Lake

Fallen Leaf Lake, where the students stayed for the weekend.

Juana and Staff

Goooo, team!


The home away from home.


It wasn't all work! Playing a group game.

Setting Up Tents

Setting up camp for the weekend.

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