• Expedition: Mar 23-28, 2014
  • Generation Green Southern California Consortium
  • Yosemite National Park: Little Yosemite Valley

Students from the Generation Green clubs at John Muir High School and Academia Semillas del Pueblo Anahuacalmecac came together to form Team Ometeotl - a Nahuatl word that represents duality, similar to the concept of yin yang. This was an apt description, as the group started off with sunny, dry days, then faced a late winter storm that dropped 5" of fresh snow on their backcountry camp at Little Yosemite Valley.

Highlights of the week included epic snowball fights, a shelter building competition, a day hike to a cascade on the Merced River, the removal of illegal fire rings with Wilderness Ranger Kristen, playing "Mafia," a solo sit, and in-depth conversations around the campfire.


A pictorial representation of ometeotl

Group Campfire

Before the snow...

Group Campfire Snow

After the snow!

In the students words:

Team O. 3/24/14

Today was the new beginning to open our eyes and go out there, explore nature, and feel a strong connection with the wilderness. This feel like a fun adventure, meeting new people that have love towards the wilderness is something beautiful. Today we went underground rocks, it’s like a secret underground rock place and we had a ceremony where everyone shared what they’re looking forward to. Honestly, I didn't know the wilderness could change someone for the better. Now I want to share my adventure to people and be a change to the world. Let them know the outdoors has many wonderful things and then to learn about it. The animals, trees, plants, rocks, everything nature brings, has stories, heritage, and it’s just amazing. Instead of being indoors watching t.v., it’s better to actually go outdoors and be inspired by the beauty of nature and have a new wonderful perspective. It’s been my second day here and I've learned a lot from what to do when a rock falls, don’t be afraid to “catch a coyote,” what you need to pack in your backpack for the trip and what the items will be used for. Basically, today was incredible, it’s only been the second day. Team Selfie's been here and there’s so much we've learned and so much we still need to discover for ourselves.

Group Mist Trail

Hiking Yosemite's famous Mist Trail

Group Top of Vernal

Celebrating at the top of Vernal Falls

Group Nevada Falls

Nevada Falls

Group Map and Compass

Learning map and compass skills from WildLink Educator John

Group Snowy Merced River

The Merced River

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