• Ambassador: Sep 11, 2014
  • New Leaf Wilderness Ambassadors 2014
  • Martinez

New Leaf: A Sustainable Living Collaborative is an alternative high school where students work collaboratively with community members to create meaningful change towards environmental sustainability. New Leaf students who come on the WildLink expedition acknowledge that they come back to Martinez with even stronger motivation to be ambassadors for wild places. In the past year, New Leaf students got involved in Backyard Bound, created a website for their John Muir mural project, climbed trees with other community members on Arbor Day, volunteered and studied phenology at the John Muir Historic Site, and a whole host of other projects. Here are some of their thoughts and pictures.


I have a newfound joy in both nature and community activities. Before the WildLink trip, I always found nature to just be there. After that trip though, I see it as a beautiful and inspiring world! Now, I sign up for any and all community events I can.

[I have been] taking on and leading activities for both myself and the community. All the service projects I do now, I either lead or was a partner in those projects.

Bay Log


I took home the ability to have faith in my strength and to live in the moment. What’s different about me now is that now I’ve taken the time to just enjoy life.

I’ve encouraged all my friends and family to go up and enjoy Yosemite. I try to constantly be involved in New Leaf, because they are always involved in the community. This year I encourage my friends to join me on a trip so they can have the same experience I had.

Circle Field


I’m a much more positive person. Words could not describe the connection I have with nature because of WildLink.

I share my experience with almost everyone I meet.

SF Bay
Tree Climbing


I took home being adventurous. At home I was always curious but only to a certain extent and now I don’t limit myself.

I’ve tried my best [to be a wilderness ambassador]. I’m always trying to show people what I’ve learned there, but it’s only to a certain extent because it’s something they have to experience themselves, but I’m being the change I want the world to be.

Cheyanna Award
John Muir Murals
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