Estela portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 27 - May 2, 2014
  • Estela
  • Generation Green Central California Consortium
  • Yosemite National Park: Little Yosemite Valley

What can wilderness teach us?

  • I believe wilderness has many powers. For example if you are just a person that always depends on other people then you won’t get anywhere in life. Because in wildlife, the mama bear leaves the cub at a young age and the cub survives in the wild. That impacts on us because we need to learn how to do that.
  • Also, if you never go outside and you’re always on social networks then you are really missing out because we have to be thankful of what we have as in the forest, because people travel all over the world just to see the beautiful forest which is our “backyard” and we have the forest so close to us.
Estela Earth Ball

If Yosemite has a voice?

Well, I believe if Yosemite has a voice then it will survive for a long time. For example, us kids have voices but some are shy and quiet and will they feel left out? So we have a chance to make a difference. However if Yosemite has a voice, then we need to speak up and be awesome! Well also other people like society might not care about the park. But who knows – 200 years from now this beautiful priceless national park might be gone and become a city. Well if Yosemite will even have a voice it will be spectacular because then the whole world will know what they are missing.

Estela Camera

Has the definition of wilderness changed for me?

I would say yes because wilderness is being alone and without having to think what society thinks. In the first days I thought wilderness meant like a forest or dessert but actually wilderness means much more.

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Estela Rock Skipping
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