• Ambassador: May 1, 2014
  • Chief's Review
  • Angeles National Forest

A panel made up of students from Academia Semillas del Pueblo: Anahuacalmecac participated in a survey created to inform the U.S. Forest Service's mission delivery in their region.

Six mature, well-spoken students were chosen to represent Generation Green Southern California Consortium at the prestigious Chief's Review. The theme of the review was "Awakening and Strengthening All People's Connection to the Land."

Before the review, students practiced professional communication and brainstormed how they would answer questions in front of high-level government officials.

At the review itself, the students openly answered questions about happiness, the outdoors, and their community in front of the Chief of the Forest Service, Tom Tidwell, and the Pacific Southwest Regional Forester, Randy Moore.

The students hope to share some of what they learned from the process with students back at their school.

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