Shelby portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 25-30, 2011
  • Shelby
  • Turlock and Pitman High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park

Sitting here on top of Cloud’s Rest gives me a sense of accomplishment. I haven’t had any sort of epiphany, but I feel like up here I don’t need to think or worry. All my thoughts just flow freely. I feel very in tune with myself and nature. I think it’s true what they say- if you’re out here long enough, you can feel the spirit of Yosemite. It speaks to you, speaking to each individual differently. As the spirit speaks to me I feel a spiritual connection that I can bring home with me, as if my intuition has been heightened. When I arrive home, the spirit of Yosemite will be there to guide me through the transition of arrival. I feel that when it speaks to me, I’ll listen and I’ll be ready.

This experience has changed my relationship with Earth by becoming more appreciative of the natural world and pioneers who travelled thousands of miles on foot to discover new land. I can continue to keep a connection to the natural world by helping clean up my community and relaxing in a park near home.

I have learned that when thrown into the wilderness, your perceptions change. Before, I liked to be very clean and now I have dirt under my fingernails – two days old. I learned that man started in nature and can live with nature, not just survive in it. When I return home, I probably won’t be so superficial and I feel like my personality has become more open and adventurous towards nature.

Shelby on Cloud's Rest
Shelby helps set up a mid
Shelby hiking
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