Salvador portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 25-30, 2011
  • Salvador
  • Turlock and Pitman High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park

The difference of hiking and at home is when you’re hiking, you have to sleep outside and it’s cold in the morning and at home you’re sleeping in a warm bed and [there is] tv, good food, and a lot of things but when you’re hiking or backpacking it’s way different because there are no noises and it’s beautiful and I wish everyone could see it.

Why summit…because I would take a rock from Cloud’s Rest because my camera died and I want something from Cloud’s Rest because I can show my parents and later on when I have a family I could bring them here.

When I read those pieces of paper, [they] made [me] feel a lot better and made me think what [am] I going to do in life. What to do to make Yosemite better and clean. I will always remember this day. Thank you Andy, Elspie, and Katie.

[I learned] to keep the world clean and tell people to check out this place because it’s beautiful and each and [every] one of us owns it.

Salvador journaling
Chava on Cloud's Rest
Salvador's Half Dome
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