Madeline portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 11-16, 2010
  • Madeline
  • Environmental Studies Academy and Merced Boys and Girls Club
  • Yosemite National Park.

Looking down from the tops of waterfalls makes me feel amazing to know I did that. I hiked over five miles in the snow with 8 other people. It was really hard. I had to learn patience. Along the way people got hurt and fell and I had to help show them it’s okay and that they had the power to keep going even at times when I thought I didn't even have the power. The journey was tough but well worth it. I am so happy I am here with this group. We all have our different personalities just like a family and that's what we are, we're a family.

I think something I've gained on this trip was the ability to look at a different perspective, help others, and also just the ability to laugh at yourself. Because at home it’s hard for me to do because a lot of the time I'm busy, embarrassed or just being selfish. I feel like being out just taught me to put all that behind me and go with the flow. I feel as if now I have more of an ability just to laugh at myself and be more open and accepting of other's personalities. I want to make sure I take it in and show others that I really do care about them.

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