Kellie portrait
  • Expedition: May 14-17, 2007
  • Kellie
  • Turlock High School
  • Kings Canyon National Park

I am extremely thin and delicate.
I see the huge trees and sticks around me.
I hear the river and the birds above.
I smell the cold clean air.
I taste the dirt around me.
I feel cold and lonely at night.
I know my family lives right next to me.
I wish people wound not step on me.
I say that I want to grow larger I am a small green piece of grass.

Alone Hike
My alone hike was a lot longer than expected. When I first started out I was happy and singing. When I reached about halfway I was a bit scared. The things that were running through my mind was 1 did I take the wrong trail? 2 what if I was lost forever? 3 how Meg was feeling

Singing the whole time helped me stay calm and not panic too much. I enjoyed it but I totally figured out that I'm a person that has to always be with someone else.

Trusting others
Interesting sights
Rough walking
Inside thinking
Nice scenery
Great opportunity

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