The Next Step: WildLink Career Connection

WildLink students and alumni who are curious about careers in Yosemite National Park have a unique opportunity through WildLink Career Connection (formerly known as the Yosemite-WildLink Bridge program). Each year, six students are selected to participate in this hand-on, behind-the-scenes exploration of careers in the park. Career Connection participants spend two weeks engaged in a series of job shadowing activities and presentations from over 30 employees of the National Park Service, the park concessioner, NatureBridge, Yosemite Conservancy and others. Sessions include resume building workshops and guidance in applying for NPS positions, and WildLink staff provide one-on-one mentoring for individuals who are motivated to pursue education and future positions in public lands.

Food, lodging, and transportation from Fresno or Merced are provided. Participants also typically receive a monetary award for completing the program.

Want to be part of this exceptional career development opportunity?

Career Connection will take place July 9-21, 2017. Applications are due Friday, April 14 2017.

WildLink is a proud partner of the National Park Service, National Forest Service, and Nature Bridge.