Kourtney portrait
  • Expedition: May 9-13, 2016
  • Kourtney
  • Vicente Martinez and Groundwork Richmond
  • Yosemite National Park: Little Yosemite Valley and Sub Dome

5/9/16 Meadow: Sunny/wind 64 degrees 3:16pm Hopes and Fears: Some of my hopes for this trip is to learn something I didn't know before and to get a new experience. My main fear is I’ll fall and hurt myself pretty badly because I’m really clumsy.

5/10/16 Little Yosemite Valley – Sunny 70 degrees 1:30 How has Wilderness Affected you? Wilderness has affected me because it provides fresh air which is something small that can make you happy. Also there are a lot of bugs and other animals that I’m not used to being around so much which hasn’t affected me negatively, it’s just one of those things you become more aware of. Wilderness has made me more aware in general

How will this experience change your daily life? This experience will manifest in my everyday life because It’ll make me more appreciative of the things I had to live without on this trip but I’ll also always remember my connection to the environment I had while I was at Yosemite. I’ll also be grateful of not seeing mosquitoes swarm me 24/7. Yosemite has really helped me see John Muir’s vision in a different light.

Observation and wonder: Trees, bark, water, leaves, sand. Why do different trees have different bark?
What’s the oldest tree in Yosemite? Which part of Yosemite has the richest soil? Which is the tallest tree? What type of animals live in the water? What happens to a tree after it falls over? How long does it take pine trees to reach full growth?

kourtney science
kourtney with group

Ant investigation!

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