Jonny portrait
  • Expedition: May 9-13, 2016
  • Jonny
  • Vicente Martinez and Groundwork Richmond
  • Yosemite National Park: Little Yosemite Valley and Sub Dome

What will you take away from this experience?

I’m going to take ideas I’ve learned from this trip with me when I go hiking. For starters, what shoes and pants to wear. Beyond that, I’d like to take a lunch with me and write in a journal about my experience.

I’ll always appreciate the national parks and the people who work for them and also appreciate the wilderness for all the things it provides. I have an understanding and respect for my classmates that I never did before and that will stay with me for as long as I know them.

Observations and Wonder: I observe bears, wolves, redwood trees

I wonder how many things around us are actually edible? How many details can we find for our campground? Example: describe the campground in as many words as possible.

Hopes: mountain friendships, expand friendships, playing in the snow, climb trees, become stronger (physically and mentally), learn about people, learn about nature, learn about myself, to grow.

Fears: none

How has Wilderness affected me? Wilderness is the place in which all civilizations come from. Before towns and buildings, there was wild. We built our homes from the trees, drink our water from the springs and breathe air from the plants tit grtows. The people themselves came from wilderness and built from it what we have today; Aqueducts, gardens, buildings, food, transportation and everything more.


Jonny helping to restore Little Yosemite Valley to its natural state by removing camp fire rings


Silly faces on top of sub-dome!

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