• Expedition: Jun 12-17, 2016
  • Malachai
  • Coleville High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Sunrise Lakes and Cloud's Rest

Hopes and Fears:

I actually do hope to see a bear but my fear is that it would attempt to attack us and eat our jimmy jams. I hope to become closer to nature and embrace my spirit animal.

Challenge Hike:

Today we had a challenge hike on Abby’s birthday. Abby had a big bag that I carried most of the day. Cielo, I just found, is not very fond of heights so we had to comfort her. And I learned something. No matter how afraid you may be, any fear can be conquered, no matter what fear it is. I was also happy to see her pull through it, and it made me happy to be able to comfort her. Even though I don’t know if it helped much. We made it!


I am a navigator. At first it was a bit challenging, but I soon realized how easy it can be as long as you can read a map. I just think of it as a real life radar, like in the video games. Also, the compass shows the direction you should go in. I actually kind of like this job.


Dead Fred!


Malachai and Ceasar the S'pnork. Unfortunately Ceasar is no longer the strong utensil it once was but its memory lives in our hearts forever.


Malachai jumped on board to get a styling session with Slone. Looks pretty good, guys!

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