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  • Expedition: Mar 27 - Apr 1, 2016
  • Monica
  • Generation Green Southern California Consortium
  • Yosemite National Park: Rancheria Falls

5 observations: the flower itself is ping, hanging down like a bell. Each flower is grouped up with at least 10 more similar flowers varying in shapes. The flowers are each groups together by a pink vine looking stem that is slowly blending into green. When the flowers are younger they carry a darker pink color. They are edible.

4 connections: the pink flower is connected to a circular-pointed green leaf. The green leaves are connected to a nice burned red branch growing form the ground. The whole flower is connected to the ground. Surrounding the bush-looking flower are rocks.

3 changes: the younger the flower, the darker the color is. On some parts of the branch, the color looks faded. when the flower is mature, it carries a pink-white color.

2 why: time and age affects the color of the flower while the weathering affects the branch.

1 question: what's the name of this plant?

Monica Stream Crossing
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Yesterday was my turning point for this six-day trip because on Tuesday I was dead tired and freezing cold. I was honestly regretting this whole trip. I was totally ok the first 5 miles but like when we needed a fourth of a mile to get to our campsite, I gave up and took a break with 4 other people, and we HAD to have dinner even if we didn't want to. But when I woke up yesterday (wed. - day 4) I felt refreshed and the highlight of the day was our free-time. We played toss up, 99, speed-something. It was amazing everyone interacted with everyone, and we eded it with an amazing time at the campfire. Today is the last of the experience. Katie is going around collecting the borrowed stuff but yesterday was the challenge hike. I learned that i enjoy rock climbing and on the hike back, I made another friend and we literally talked all the way back. For sure it's upsetting that next year I won't see half of them since they are seniors, but I enjoyed our time together.

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