Zaida portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 13-18, 2015
  • Zaida
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Sunrise Lakes

Wednesday 9/16
Wilderness to me is somewhere off trail where even finding traces that humans were ever here is rare. it's unknown and unpredictable, but also beautiful and immense. Visiting the backcountry in places like Yosemite are a reminder of why we need to protect places like this, and although it has been in my experience one of the most trying things I have ever done, I will have changed for the better by the end of this trip.
p.s.-The views are spectacular

rock toss

Tossing fire ring rocks.

Thursday 9/17 - Cloud's Rest
We made the long hard journey from camp at Sunrise Lake to the summit of Cloud's Rest. The trip was long and hard, I pushed the limits of what my mind and body could take. The climb up was very difficult and very steep. I cannot believe I made it, but I am glad I did. My view is incredible, so amazing it's almost unreal. You can see all of beautiful Yosemite. I hope everyone at least once can experience what I did when I made it up here.
p.s.- I'm writing this on top of Cloud's Rest

zaida sneaky

Being sneaky!

Spirit Walk
The spirit was was one of my favorite things to do. You could really enjoy your surroundings without worrying about falling behind or watching your step. Since we weren't hiking you could look around instead of down. I enjoyed the quiet peaceful beauty of the wilderness.

trail stroll

Strolling down the trail.

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